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Wednesday, December 16

The Talkies of Kerala

The theatres that screened feature films or sound films were the cultural and social hub of every town. They were called Talkies. One of these talkies is featured in the film Kanyaka Talkies (Virgin Talkies)

Talkies were places of visualisation and creativity where the people were exposed to new ideas and opened their imagination to worlds outside their towns and villages.

These historical pillars of socio-cultural development of our state have now been dismissed to the smallest of villages and are, at best, playing soft-core porn films. Reduced to economic insignificance, the owners of these Talkies find it difficult to brave modern times and are slowly shutting these down.
The number of theatres in Kerala has come down from 1600 to 515.

These lost Talkies have left behind in their walls, the memories, dialogues and maybe even the souls of the artists from the countless films that have graced these glorious halls in the past.


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