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Friday, January 29

Chaayam Poosiya Veedu - High Court Comes to the Rescue (A David-Goliath Story)

When we were at the IFFK 2015, we happened to meet brothers Santosh and Satish Babusenan. They debuted as directors of the film 'The Painted House' (Chaayam Poosiya Veedu).
The film revolves around Gautam, an aging writer, who is writing a book on Nachiketas, a character from the scriptures who embraced death to know its secret. Vishaya, a mysterious young girl enters his life disrupting his solitude and harmony. He strikes up a slightly romantic relationship with the girl. Another day a young man arrives and invites him to his estate bungalow. Gautam is forcibly taken to this dilapidated house on a hill from where he repeatedly tries to escape. The girl joins them there and Gautam is told that it’s his chance to shed all pretence and look at what he actually is.

“It’s an internal exploration. It zooms into the mindscape of a writer, a man who has entered the autumn of his life. The film shows how this  accidental encounter with two young people turns his world upside down. The idea is that each one of us is a painted house, beautified and polished. But inside we are something else and only when the paint peels off you can see that part,” says Satish. While noted theatre artist Kaladharan Nair slips into the role of Gautam, Neha Mahajan and Akram Mohammed complete the key cast.

The Central Board of Film 'Certification' (CBFC) decided that the film can not be exhibited without cutting out three scenes from the film which had nude shots of the female lead. The Babusenan brothers say censoring is a primitive concept when it comes to expressions of art. “The film has three nude shots and when it was taken for censoring we were asked to delete those scenes. Usually filmmakers are left with no other choice but to chop off the portions. But we absolutely refused to do that and we are going to fight it out legally,” says Satish. Since the film was denied the censor clearance it’s not possible to screen it anywhere in India except at the IFFK.

However, their decision to persist and pursue their case at the high court has borne fruits. The CBFC has finally changed their mind and has today decided to give 'The Painted House' a A Certificate.

VICTORY!!! Dear friends, we won the battle against the Censor board. Just to remind you, they had refused to give us a...
Posted by The Painted House on Friday, 29 January 2016

We here at Reelmonk are overjoyed and have been rooting for Santosh and Satish's freedom of expression for months now. We wish them and the rest of the cast and crew all the success for the film's release.

We've partnered with the Brothers Babusenan to make the film available to the international audience. You can download and watch it here legally in Full HD for INR 180 and INR 300.


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