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Thursday, January 14

Malayalam Movie Characters Etched In Our Hearts. Be Like Them!

There are a lot of characters in Malayalam movies that are etched into our hearts. We quote them often and share a lot of laughs with our friends discussing about their roles. So we decided to bring out a few of those characters and their key characteristics.

Meet Nishcal from Kilukkam

Meet Pavanayi from Nadodikattu

Meet Induchudan from Narasimham

Meet Inspector Gauri from CID Moosa

Meet Mannar Mathai from Ramji Rao Speaking

Meet Aravind TP from Salt Mango Tree

Meet Ramankutty from Kalyanaraman

Meet Paul Barber from Akkare Akkare Akkare

Meet Rajamanikyam from Rajamanikyam

And yes, we were "inspired" by the scoopwhoop post that showcased something similar about Bollywood movie characters :D.


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