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Friday, January 1

Top Five Malayalam Movies on Reelmonk from 2015

There are plenty of lists doing the rounds for Top Grossing Malayalam films of 2015 and the Best Malayalam films of 2015. Here are NowRunning's Highest rated Malayalam Films of the year (which has Ottaal and Kanyaka Talkies on it by the way).
So we decided to create a tradition for Reelmonk, a Top 5 List of Malayalam Movies Downloaded Legally every year end.

5. Nee-Na

Watch Neena Full Movie Poster on Reelmonk
Read Neena Full Movie Review on Now Running
(Read Full review on NowRunning)

Nee-Na follows the life of a young woman named Neena who works at a advertising agency. She very quickly impresses her new boss, Vinay Panicker, and he very quickly learns of her personality and drinking problem. Troubled by this he tries to help her overcome her alcoholism.

Watch Full Movie here: Unfortunately, the film was taken down in August after the licensing term ended.

4. Kanyaka Talkies

Watch Kanyaka Talkies Full Movie Poster on ReelmonkRead Kanyaka Talkies Full Movie Review on Now Running
(Read Full review on NowRunning)

Kuyyali is a sleepy hillside village where stands Kanyaka Talkies (Virgin Talkies), a twenty year old cinema theatre, whose mainstay was screening of soft porn films. When the owner of the theatre, Yakoob faces many tragedies in his personal life, one after the other, he decides to bid adieu to Kuyyali,and give up Kanyaka. Upon leaving, he requests the local Christian diocese to take over the theatre building and space. Diocese converts it into a church and Father Michele gets appointed as the priest of the ‘newly converted’ church. The church attracts a steady stream of followers and one among them is Ancy. Ancy lives the double life of a home nurse and that of an ‘extra’ in b grade movies.After taking charge in the new church Father Michele starts hearing some strange voices. Kanyaka Talkies follows a series of events that unfold in Kuyyali and which connects Yakoob, Ancy and Father Michele as three dots of a triangle.

Watch Full Movie here:

3. Kohinoor

Watch Kohinoor Full Movie Poster on Reelmonk
Read Kohinoor Full Movie Review on Now Running
(Read Full review on NowRunning)

Kohinoor is a comedy heist-thriller, set in the late 1980s. Louis (Asif Ali) a conman sets out to loot a textile shop (the shop exports diamonds also). He is joined by his close companion Aandikunju (Aju Varghese), Haider (Indrajith) from Mumbai, Freddy (Vinay Forrt) from Kochi, and Freddy’s friend Nicholas (Chemban Vinod Jose). They together make plans and their attempts to accomplish these plans are humorously plotted in ‘Kohinoor’.

Watch Full Movie here:

2. Ottaal

Watch Ottaal Full Movie Poster on Reelmonk
Read Ottal Full Movie Review on Now Running
(Read Full review on NowRunning)

Eight year old Kuttappayi (Ashanth K Shah) having lost both his parents accompanies his grand dad (Kumarakom Vasudevan) to the water filled farms where they plan to spend the post-harvest season rearing ducks. Canoeing about in the muddy waters with the ducks quacking away to glory, the duo hold on to each other, despite one having reached the horizon of his life and the other having just about commenced on his journey. Ottaal, the film for all ages, tells the story of a young boy and his relationship with his grandfather, the only family he has.

Watch Full Movie here:

1. Njan Steve Lopez

Watch Njan Steve Lopez Full Movie Poster on Reelmonk
Read Njan Steve Lopez Full Movie Review on Now Running
 (Read Full review on NowRunning)

The film follows Steve Lopez, a college student, whose major concern in life is to tell his childhood friend and the love of his life, Anjali, how he feels about her. Steve is a very carefree person who spends most of his time going out and drinking with his friends. This all comes to an end when one day he witnesses group of men attacking someone. He is unable to stop them but once the attackers leave their victim for dead, Steve takes him to the hospital and things start to get sketchy.

Watch Full Movie here:

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
3.0 - 3.4: Good
3.5 - 5.0: Very Good


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