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Thursday, February 18

Puthiya Niyamam (2016) Review [User Contribution]

A review of Puthiya Niyamam by one of our users, Mr. Vishnu Rajeev
Justice, right and wrong are mostly matters of perspectives. That's probably why even Lord Krishna had the philosophy, End justifies the means. That was exactly what Drishyam tried to convey. A.K Sajan's Puthiya Niyamam handles the same concept. Drishyam was already “Old wine in new bottle”, and now A.K Sajan took the same wine, and packs it in an even new bottle. I just got to say this, it was a super sexy bottle, but he ruined the wine.

The film narrates the life of a multi-talented Adv. Louis Pothen (Mammooty), and his wife Vasuki Aiyer (Nayanthara), a kathakali artist. The movie opens to a seemingly disturbed and overly cautious Vasuki, being overprotective of her daughter, Chintha, leaving her wondering what would have happened to her otherwise smart and easygoing mother. The tension build-up by the easily frightened Vasuki, and the mysterious character portrayed by S.N Swamy in the first half is frequently interrupted by the unnecessarily long dialogues by Louis Pothen. Clearly, the characters don't know when to be silent or when to speak.

The performance of Nayanthara as Vasuki is the prime factor that glues the audience to the seat until the real plot unveils itself. The second half opens with a bang, and we see Vasuki evolving into one of the strongest female characters Mollywood has seen in past few years. It was so perfectly handled by Nayanthara, that she single-handedly carries the story forward till in the climax, Louis Pothen takes on the baton. Casting Mammooty as Louis Pothen was clearly a marketing strategy, which played out well enough. The plot clearly makes us question Mammooty's choice of roles, but the climax nearly satisfies the average fan. The climax would have hit like a monstrous bomb, only if the director knew when and where to wrap up the story.

Nayanthara was terrifc, both in looks as well as performance. The performances by Roshan Mathew and Rachana Narayanankutty were appreciable. Aju Varghese portrays an IT professional and a client to Adv. Louis Pothen. What the relevance of this character in the story was, is a question that's left unanswered. Attempts to make the audience laugh were weak and cliché.   Roby Vraghese's camera makes it a colorful treat on screen.

In simple words, Puthiya Niyamam is a Nayanthara Flick, more than a Mammooty film, and is worth watching once.


  1. Nayanthara "Flick", but Mammootty "film"? Sexist much?


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