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Thursday, April 21

Lesser Known Facts About The Malayalam Film Industry

Malayalam Cinema has never failed to surprise us, especially with its mind blowing scripts, exemplary acting, soothing songs and never failing entertainment.  Here are some lesser known facts about the industry we all love that can surprise you even more

1)      When Mohanlal appeared for his interview in Navodaya studio (for Manjil Virinja Pookkal), there were 3 judges. Two of them (Jijo and Fazil) gave him 95 marks out of 100. The third judge gave only 5 out of 100!
That 3rd judge was none other than Sibi Malayil. 
Years later, Mohanlal won 2 national awards for Kireedom and Bharatham- Both movies were directed by Sibi Malayil.

2)     Suresh Gopi made his debut along with Sathyan in the movie 'Odayil Ninnu'!
The lesser known fact is that Suresh Gopi was a child artist in the same. 

3)     Nedumudi and Fazil were close friends long before they came to movies. They were running a mimicry troupe which used to go with Yesudas's ganamela. 


4)     Mammootty and Sharaff formed a mimicry troupe when they were Maharajas college students. They were inspired by a mimicry programme they saw in their college, which was done by Nedumudi and Fazil. 
Sharaf acted in only 1 movie(Mela). His younger brother Kalabhavan Ansar is a director. Kireedamillatha Rajakkanmar was directed by him.

5)      Priyadarsan's father and Thikkurishi were close friends. The name 'Priyadarsan' was given by Thikkurishi. In most of the Priyan movies, Thikkurishi has acted (until his death in 1998 March) and Priyan was very particular that the first shot will be with Thikkurissi!

6)     Mammootty acted in Anubhavangal Paalichakal. When Bahadur's pan shop was destroyed, he is the one running towards the site and saying a single dialogue.

7)     Amitabh Bachchan's debut was in 'Sat Hindustani'. It was the debut Hindi movie for a Malayalam actor too. 
It was Madhu who acted in Sat Hindutsani alongside Bachchan.

8)    In the movie Vandanam, the audience really wished to see the hero and heroine joining their hands, but what happened here was something painful. Later, Priyadarshan shared that it was not the actually the planned climax. He changed the climax just one or two days before the shooting of the climax portion.

9)   Vaishali is considered one of the prominent hit films in the history of Malayalam cinema. However, most of us are unaware about the producer of the film. It is none other than Atlas Ramachandran.

10)  We all know the climax of Spadikam. Bhadran Mattel , who directed this film had something different in his mind than what we saw on screen during the climax portion. In fact , he wanted the central character ( Mohanlal ) to continue as a bad guy. But Mohanlal intervened and the character was changed to end more on a positive note towards the climax.

11) Most people believe that “Oomapenninu Uriyadappayan’’ is Jayasurya’s debut film. Long before this movie , he acted in various movies as extra artist. If you watch closely , the movie , ‘ Dosth ‘ , you will find him. Jayan is one in many who escapes from Dileep during a fight scene.

12) The character played by Lal in Black was originally meant for actor Raghuvaran. Since Raghuvaran couldn’t make it to the sets, Lal opted for it.

13)  Malayalam’s music maestro Johnson Sir gave us one of the most beautiful songs “Kaneer Poovinte” from the movie Kireedom. The song swells with profound sadness and has probably been the background tune for most of our breakups. But according to Johnson Sir , this song was originally meant as a love song. In one of his interviews, he increases the tempo of the song , the mood of this famous  emotional song transforms into a romantic one.

14)   In the all time favorite movie Chithram, there is a scene towards the end, where Mohanlal runs to escape from Soman. They are seen to make a chase, showing only their legs as they run at breakneck speed. But only very few of us know that it is Jagadheesh doping for Soman in the two-minute run.

15) In the movie Thenmaavin Kombathu , for the song “ Karutha Penne “ , Priyadarshan decided not to have choreographers and asked Shobhana and Mohanlal to do whatever they pleased and spice the song. They were given out absolute freedom and it turned out well. In the same movie , for another song , “ Maanam thelinje ninnal “ , Shobhana herself choreographed the dance and song sequence. This turned out to be one for the most colourful and vibrant songs in the movie.

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  1. Excellent article. Malayalam industry is becoming more popular now. There was one time it went down and it now gaining again and it now on the other states even without dubbing. For >>


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