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Tuesday, April 26

Leela - Movie Review

Ranjith’s Leela is a beautifully designed cake having layers of reality, emotions, humor, and wildness. Unni R has done a good job in constructing this cake. But the taste is not something that everyone might enjoy.

“Leela’’ revolves around the life of Kuttiyappen ( Biju Menon ) , a witty , young man who blindly uses the wealth left to him by his late parents to fulfil his desires of drinking , smoking and buying women for his sexual desires. The movie shows the journey of Kuttiyappen along with his friend Pillechan ( Vijayraghavan ) in search of an elephant and a young girl to live out one of his sexual fantasies. The girl who he meets for this need is given the name ‘’Leela’’.

The difficulty of transforming a short story to a full-fledged film is very high. This can be seen very well in the film. The first half of the film is thirsty for content and tries to cover it up through unwanted humour that seems to bore the audience after a certain extent. The second half of the film is where the actual story begins. The climax was accepted by people in different ways. While most felt that it ended in an abrupt and shocking manner, very few of them actually got the essence of the cake.

The acting done by all the characters of the film is worth mentioning. Biju Menon does a terrific job in portraying the character of a rich, witty, fun, loving guy and succeeds in bringing life to that character .Vijarayaghavan  also does a marvellous job with his acting . Indrans who plays the role of Dasappy is also worth mentioning.
Jagadheesh, as Nair, surprises all of us with his brilliant and serious acting. This might be one of his best in his career. Parvathy Nambiar who plays the title character, Leela , also does a good job even though most of her scenes required her to have dead stares and an emotionless face.
Prashant Ravindran scores a goal with the beautiful cinematography. Manoj Kannoth is also worth mentioning for the amazing editing work.

Unni R tries to bring the magic that he created through his short story but isn’t completely successful at it. Many of the dialogues and scenes were not considered necessary. Ranjith’s direction is commendable but has not brought the spark that is usually seen in his films.  He has brought in the techniques used in many of his films but they have not helped him much for Leela.
The abrupt ending of the film is what most people found very disturbing. Not many could connect to the actual theme of the film and left the theatre with a lot of dissatisfaction.

It is to be accepted that it is very difficult for a layman to understand an intense film like “Leela” and at the same time dissatisfaction is guaranteed to those people who choose this film solely for entertainment. “Leela” has a much more intense meaning than what it seems to portray. Very few are able to get it and hence this proves to be a disadvantage to the film makers.

Overall the actors have done a brilliant job and Ranjith has done his best to craft the film in a crisp manner. But somewhere it doesn’t satisfy everyone and hence leads to disappointment.

RATING 2.8/5


  1. So if you have got the intense meaning it tries to portray which layman hasn't got, please mention the same.
    I enjoyed the movie and want to hear different perspectives. Also doubt if you also really got what movie wanted to portray :P

    1. My job is to critically analyse the film so that each individual either gets saved from the movie or gets encouraged to go watch it. And the review that I made isn't just of my opinion. I've asked several people at the theater and the people I know ,and hence the review is based on their opinions as well.
      And if I do understand the actual " Perspective" of the movie ,It's my duty that I don't mention it to the viewers cause what's the point of washing your hands when you already know that it's clean ? :)
      So it's a really good thing if you've enjoyed the movie. Cheers to that !
      Thankyou for your opinion :)


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