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Saturday, May 7

James And Alice - Review

James and Alice - Movie Review

Sujith Vassudev's directorial debut " James And Alice " is a simple story told in an 
interesting manner. The 2 hour 50 minutes film touches the theme of family problems and the regrets that one has in life.

The story revolves around James ( Prithviraj Sukumaran ), an orphan, who falls in love with Alice ( Vedhicka ) and gets married against the wish of her parents. James who is a passionate artist ends up taking the job of an ad film maker to support his family. Alice on the other hands works at a bank. They are also blessed with a daughter, Pinky . James' work starts taking up all his time, due to which he is unable to spend time with his family. The problems associated with this is shown in the first half of the film.The film takes a turn when an unexpected incident takes place in the lives of James And Alice.

Prithviraj , as usual , doesnt fail to impress us with his role of James. He succeeds in portraying the role of a charming , hardworking , ambitious man caught up with the troubles of life. Vedhicka doesnt do a great job in the first half of the film but she surprises the audience in the second half. She does a brilliant job in all the emotional scenes.
Sejoy Varghese also does an amazing job with the role of Peter and entertains the audience well. Sai Kumar , Vijayraghavan , Manju Pillai , Kishore Sathya , Parvathy Nair are also good. 

Sujith's work in terms of direction and cinematography is worth mentioning. His narrative style , which is not so familiar in the Malayalam industry is appreciable. The Background score by Gopi Sunder is very soothing and blends well with the scenes.

"James and Alice" is a normal story told in a different way. But that cannot put aside the fact that the first half seemed draggy and many scenes were unnecessary. The true essence and message of the film is only given out in the second half. It makes one think about his own life after watching the experience of James. But the question is, was it worth the wait ?

" Death gives us a second chance, when life doesn't " is truly brought out in the right sense through the movie.It's an eye opener to the audience and advises them to not lead a life filled with ego and regret.
"James and Alice" can be called a romantic thriller but fails to entertain the audience at some portions but is much above the usual average films and can be worth a watch.

Rating - 3/5


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