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Sunday, May 15

What Bangalore Days has taught us :D

Bangalore Days was a film that blew our minds away in 2014. This film has not just focused on Entertainment but has spoken to us much more than other films. Here's what Anjali Menon's Bangalore Days has taught us.

  1. Cousins are our first best friends.
    Cousins are the first set of friends that we all have.If we take a walk down the memory lane, all that we would be able to remember would be the fights , the laughs , the pranks, the hugs, the games, the love and the beautiful memories that we had with our cousins. Kunju, Aju , and Kuttettan truly tell us that our cousins are our first best friends.


  2. Indian parents will always be Indian Parents.It's true that we can never win against Indian Parents. They have their own opinions and beliefs, and will never let their kids win in any argument. They expect kids to be in a certain way and any change in that will truly affect them. They also never fail to make opinions about their kid's best friend. Divya's wedding decision, their disapproval to their daughter dancing around on her wedding eve, their opinion about Aju's lifestyle, or their haste in making the divorce decision for Divya is all shown in Bangalore Days.

  3. It's always great to have friends of the opposite gender.
    You don't always need to have a friend of your same gender. The purity of the friendship is seen from the three protagonists and how they help each other during all times.
  4. There is no escape from Love.
    Everyone ends up falling in love in the most unexpected ways. Yes, it might take some time, but it's sure to capture you. The most disciplined Kuttetan falls in love with his total opposite, Meenakshi. Arjun , who thought would never fall for a "cheesy" thing called Love, ends up doing the same with Sarah. Divya being the most ambitious finds comfort with her boring and non social husband. Das is able to forget his past and love his wife without expecting anything from her.

  5. Nothing has the power to stop you, but yourself !
    Even though RJ Serah's legs have given up on her, She hasnt given up on life. This physical disability doesnt stop her. She spreads happiness to everyone around her. She makes sure that nothing affects her happiness and positive energy. She is a strong , independent, happy, fun, bubbly and an inspiring person. RJ Serah's character is a true motivation to everyone.

  6. You may get used by certain people.
    Not everyone you talk to are people you can trust. There are plenty of people in this world that would just talk to you for their own benefits. It's never your fault and is more of their loss for not getting to know you , the right way ! Like how Meenakshi uses the innocent Krishnan P P for her own needs. Kuttettan tells us that we have to be strong enough to put those people out of our lives. We must have the courage to put ourselves above them. With the help of a few friends, you're sure to get over them.

  7. It's okay to be crazy !
    It's perfectly fine to be a carefree person; to live life to the fullest. Sure it might be a little scary but its worth the fun. Aju being the carefree person he his, drops school and goes out to follow his dreams of self education, art, music , thrill and fun. He doesnt care about the society and lives life on his own terms.

  8. Life will teach you many lessons.
    Life might not always be fair to you. How Meenakshi uses Kuttettan, how Ajju's childhood is a painful memory, how Das considers himself responsible for his lover's death. All this shows that Life is a journey filled with rocks and it's one bumpy ride that we all have to take. But at the end of it all we learn something out of it. Kuttettan becomes much more wiser. Ajju becomes a stronger person. And Das learns to accept fate and moves on.

  9. Time shall heal everything.
    Das was devastated after the death of his lover. He married Divya cause of the pres
    sure from his family. He thought he would never be able to get over it but with Divya's love and some time , he finally for over it. Yes, it did take him years, but he did get over it.

  10. You can't choose your Love.
    Love is a beautiful thing. But the only catch is that you can't control your heart.
    Kuttettan wanted a traditional , malayalee girl. But he fell in love with the modern, bubbly, outgoing Meenakshi. Arjun who had never thought he would fall in love, let his heart slip away to a girl who couldn't walk. Divya being a very social girl got married to someone who is her total opposite. But she still found love. Bangalore Days show us that Love hits us all in the most beautiful yet unexpected ways. 



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  1. Good write-up. :) Bangalore Days has to be one of the most entertaining movies that's come out in the last 5 years.


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