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Thursday, September 22

The serious side of Indrans

Indrans is someone that all of us grew up watching. Even though to most of us he's a comedian, he's an actor who has acted in over 250 films. But what most of us don't know is that this wonderful actor is a tailor by profession. He debuted in Choothattam both as a costume designer and an actor. He worked for years as a costume designer and settled for minor roles in the industry.

But it was the movie CID Unnikrishnan that became a turning point in his career. The audience loved his comedy and soon became recognized for his jokes.

But over the years, this vibrant actor has proved himself manifold. He has not just taken up serious roles but has earned a name for his acting. He is choosy about films and makes sure he can create an impact on people with his outstanding talent. He won the Kerala State Film Award (Special Jury Award)  for his brilliant portrayal of the role of Joseph in Apothecary.

Munroe Island ( Mundrothuruth) is an upcoming film by Manu in which we get to see Indrans in a lead role. He plays the role of a grandfather who gets to meet his grandson after many years. Indrans is said to have done a marvelous portrayal of this role. It is done to utmost perfection and his dialogue delivery is something that adds on to the beauty of the film.
He is truly one of the greatest assets the Malayalam film industry could ever get and his worth can be seen in his upcoming Munroe Island. With him playing his serious side, It definitely will be a must-watch !


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